Membership of the Stirling & Falkirk Canoe Club is from October to September. Applicants must submit an application form and a consent form to the Membership Secretary. Members who join in the last six months of the club year will pay a reduced fee. Those joining in April, May, June or July will pay half dues, while those joining in August or September will pay full dues to cover the following year. For family memberships, one consent form must be completed per person.

Consent forms: Each active person, whether adult or junior, must complete a consent form. The designated club officer will keep a copy. The original will be laminated and returned to you. If you are participating in a club excursion or event, this form must be given to the excursion or event organiser. It will be returned to you at the end of the event/trip.

There are three types of membership, described below, and the associated costs.




Adult with a high top notch level who want to compete nationaly




18 years old and over taking it as a hobby




Anyone under 18 years old


Why join us?

S.F.C.C is one of the most active and dynamic kayaking clubs in Scotland. As a member of S.F.C.C. you will be joining an extended family in the world of paddlesports. Whether it's canoe polo, sea paddling, big runs or coming to the pool on Wednesday nights, the S.F.C.C. will always welcome new members into its fold.

If you like water sports, boats, friendly activities or just life threatening danger in general, you will absolutely love our club! You will fall in love with every paddlesport we provide you with as soon as you try them. You will also be able to discover new places around your area as well as everywhere in the world as we also travel to fulfill our passion. Don't hesitate anymore and join us right away!

Below are some of the activities and benefits that club members enjoy.

Pool Sessions: The club organises pool sessions throughout the school year. Details can be found on our website. As a member of the S.F.C.C. you are entitled to book sessions at the pool. Non-members are more than welcome to come and try a few sessions before joining the club.

Canoe Polo: The club is very active on the Scottish canoe polo scene. Details of how to join the polo teams, training times, or just to see how the teams are doing this year, can be found here.

Slalom: The club has a growing number of slalom paddlers, and runs its own 3/4 slalom division once a year. Information on training sessions and slalom events can be found here. The club has an active slalom section that races across all divisions and classes in the UK. We train weekly on a Monday evening at the webadia slalom site near Monta, where until 2015 we also ran an annual division 3 on 4 event in September.


Coaching: S.F.C.C has a number of active coaches who promote the sport of paddling through education. As a member of the S.F.C.C. you can sign up for training courses organised by the S.F.C.C. To keep up to date with what is happening in the coaching world, click here

Club Trips: During the year the club organises a number of trips of different levels: beginners, flat water, grade 2, grade 3, grade 3+. Details of club trips can be found in the newsletter, or by clicking here

When attending a club trip, please ensure you bring your consent form. If you have a medical condition that could affect your safety or that of the groups, please inform the organiser/instructor.

Club Equipment: The Club has an equipment shop, including leisure kayaks, river/white water kayaks, sea kayaks and open boats. As a member of the S.F.C.C. you are entitled to the following benefits:

Free use of club equipment for club events and personal use, whereas Sea boats & equipment cost £5 per day to hire.